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Sturdy, long-lived and nearly bullet-proof, Cast Iron Plant. Evergreen good for deeply shaded gardens.


Smaller version of their fancier cousin, the carnation. Easy to grow with tons of fragrant pink flowers with white, red or cream colored accents.


Sun-loving plant with long stems and very brightly colored flowers producing beehive-like central cone. Use in borders and with Shasta Daisy.


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Lawn Care

In the southeast, lawns are often the largest part of the home landscape. They unify the landscape and to most homeowners, their lawns are much more than just a plot of grass.

Welcome to ShriMohan Nursery

We boast of our beautiful retail Nursery in the prominent location- Misroad, Bhopal having a 2.5-Acre production farm. What sets us apart from other Nurseries is our exceptional range of quality indoor and outdoor plants and our specialized garden services provided to you by our well trained & knowledgeable staff.

At Shri Mohan Nursery we consider the environment our priority and through our work hope to make people embrace the wonders that nature provides in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. By providing our customers with in array of specialized garden services and personalized advise we try and make people aware of the satisfaction and pleasure derived from cultivating healthy plants. We guarantee good results over time by suggesting the most suitable plants for each individual environment.

We also provide garden tools and accessories like plastic and ceramic pots, rocks and pebbles, soil, organic fertilizers, organic pesticides, flower and vegetable seeds.

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Whether you are a professional landscaper, or in search of unique plants for your home, garden or office, Shubham can be your source for plants.



Spectacular flowering vine in containers and hanging baskets. Thin, papery flowers in vibrant pinks, reds and purples. Take indoors when temperatures drop below 32 degrees. Support fast growing vines while the vine is young.



Smooth, long leaves form a rosette 'Bird's Nest' to support the brightly colored flower bracts. Easy to grow with a long lasting presentation. All 70+ species are stellar houseplants. Bromeliads like bright light and thrive in a mix of fine-grade fir bark and potting soil.